Otokoç, the first automotive industry investment of Koç Holding, founded by the deceased Vehbi Koç in 1928, had been the pioneer in many areas for these 80 years. It has brought many innovations into life. But only one thing remained unchanged… Our conception of Quality and Service.

As Otokoç, we are offering you our services in 15 modern Service Points throughout Turkey with our 800 employees. We are solving any kind of possible requirements of both of our corporate and individual customers under a single umbrella and today, we are selling 3 of every 10 Ford vehicles being sold in Turkey. Every year we are welcoming more than 180,000 vehicles in our service stations. We are offering new car sales, used car services, car rental, loan and insurance solutions, vehicle protection systems, and any other kind of consultancy services to our customers, supported with the quality and assurance of Koç.

Otokoç, which has always emphasized the principle of “Unconditional customer satisfaction” since its establishment and has been awarded with National Quality Award in 2004 thanks to this approach, is offering its services through its branches in the provinces of Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, Samsun, Konya, Eskişehir, and Kütahya as well as in Tarsus district. Meanwhile we are also continuing to expand through new investments.

We are diligently selecting, training, and equipping our staff with updated information. We are supporting and continuously renovating all of our facilities with the latest technologies. Because we aim only one thing: No bad surprises for our customers...

Our Mission

Otokoç is an innovative, reliable, and corporate service company, creating a difference and value for its customers, employees, partners, and shareholders in the automotive retailing industry as well as the society.

Our Vision

To be the leading company in local and national market in the automotive relating industry.

Our Values

• To work by creating added value to our customers, employees, collaborators, suppliers, shareholders, and the society;
• To be honest and reliable and to show respect to ethical values and environment;
• To focus on customer satisfaction in all of our operations;
• To develop continuously, to manage the change, and to be innovative and dynamic;
• To pay attention to the employee’s satisfaction and to offer opportunities for continuous improvement of employees; and
• To implement competitive policies in all operations through working as objective-oriented.

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